Ch DownEast Kwik Hide Your Heart "Eli"
Kwik Do Condinho X Ch DownEast Just for the Halibut

MaineSail Portuguese Water Dogs
Date of Birth: 05/27/2010

OFA Hips: Fair
BVA Hip score: 9:9=18
Optigen: Carrier
JDCM: Normal 
GM-1: Normal 
Improper Coat: Normal
CERF: Clear 

Owned by Steven Dostie & Celeste Chapman
Eli's mother Halle - CH DownEast Just for the Halibut
Eli's father Suds - Kwik Do Condinho
Eli's grandmother Claudia - CH DownEast Claudia Shipper
Eli' grandfather Simon - Cartmel Sea Comet
Eli daughter Ducky - DownEast Rubber Ducky You're the one
Eli's daughter Ducky winning a 5pt major at the Keystone Supported Entry winning Best of Opposite over specials.
Eli daughter Bubbles - DownEast You Make Bathtime Lots of Fun
Eli naked hanging out at home
Eli is a beautiful, wonderfully tempered boy. He is a very substantial boy with a gorgeous head piece. We believe this will be a really pretty litter. ​