Drewsar No Fox Given at MaineSail "RoxSea"
Domarco N Drewsar We will Rock You x Can Ch Drewsar Wildfire
Date of Birth: 08/14/2019

OFA Hips: Too young
PennHip: Too young
PRA: Not Tested
EOPRA: Not Tested
Microphthalmia: Not Tested
JDCM: Normal by parentage
GM-1: Normal by parentage
Improper Coat: Not Tested
CERF: Current

RoxSea is a very exciting addition from my wonderful friends at Drewsar Portuguese water dogs in Canada. She is an absolutely beautiful puppy with an extremely sweet and confident personality. We are so excited to see what her future holds!

Sarah Higgins (Turgeon)

Puppies Planned for November 2022
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