DownEast Tales of the Past "Story"
DownEast Wilson x DownEast The History Continues
Date of Birth: 06/26/2021

OFA Hips: Too young
PennHip: Too young
PRA: Not Tested
EOPRA: Not Tested
Microphthalmia: Not Tested
JDCM: Normal by parentage
GM-1: Normal by parentage
Improper Coat: Not Tested
CERF: Current

Story is an extraordinary addition to our family. Her pedigree is full of history, made only possible by the miracles of science. She is pure Alvalade breeding. This has only been possible through the willingness of her breeders and one of my mentors Steve & Chris Dostie. We are so excited to see what the future holds for this little girl!

Co-owned with Steve Dostie

Picture coming soon!
Sarah Higgins (Turgeon)

Puppies Planned for November 2022
MaineSail Portuguese Water Dogs